samedi 16 janvier 2021

Holly's Holly Second Shoot 47x

 The second shoot was shot I believe the day before Holly's Birthday, it was the second set of glamour images I shot of Holly, we had worked together a few times by now and I want to be able to show that I had some work of Holly. This set of images was simply shot in a bathroom doorway, you make do with what you have.

img23114.jpg img23115.jpg img23116.jpg img23117.jpg img23118.jpg img23119.jpg img23120.jpg img23121.jpg img23122.jpg img23123.jpg img23124.jpg img23125.jpg img23126.jpg img23127.jpg img23128.jpg img23129.jpg img23130.jpg img23131.jpg img23132.jpg img23133.jpg img23134.jpg img23135.jpg img23136.jpg img23137.jpg img23138.jpg img23139.jpg img23140.jpg img23141.jpg img23142.jpg img23143.jpg img23144.jpg img23145.jpg img23146.jpg img23147.jpg img23148.jpg img23149.jpg img23150.jpg img23151.jpg img23152.jpg img23153.jpg img23154.jpg img23155.jpg img23156.jpg img23157.jpg img23158.jpg img23159.jpg img23160.jpg 

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